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Intercultural Learning Experience

Shamiri is in working partnership with the NGO Waridi La Matumaini (WLM). It is a sustainable Volunteer organization focusing on intercultural exchange and global learning.  Shamiri aims to form open-minded, well-experienced and educated (young) people with a commitment to support the diversity of human lifestyles and beliefs and take on global responsibility. 

SHAMIRI is Kiswahili and it means to blossom and grow in a beautiful way. We chose this name as both, the Volunteers and the supported projects should 'shamiri' in the best way through our intercultural learning experience.

Why volunteer with Shamiri?

Sustainable projects

For your developmental service and as your learning experience, we cooperate with sustainable projects in Mwanza.

Our different projects →

Global learning

To offer global learning, we provide you with monthly inter-seminars and language & culture classes from our partner ICILD.

Seminars, language & culture classes→

Valuable accompaniment

We give you a preparation seminar, a five-day arrival seminar, constant support through our mentor and facilitator and a follow-up seminar.

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Participate in our first online preparation seminars for FREE!!!

On the 26th-27th of February 2022 and the 14th-15th of May 2022

Since our organization will start operating in 2022 only, we want to give everyone the chance to get to know our organization! Even if you are not interested in volunteering you are warmly welcome to join the free seminar!

Contents of the Seminar will be:

  • Our organization and projects (Saturday, 2-3pm)
  • Tanzania and Mwanza (Saturday, 3-4pm)
  • Role of Volunteers (Saturday, 4-6pm)
  • Getting to know each other (only for future volunteers; Saturday, 7-9pm)
  • Organizational Preparation (only for future volunteers; Sunday, 10am-1pm)
  • Developmental commitment (Sunday, 2-3pm)
  • Feedback and questions (Sunday, 4-6pm)

Just send us an e-Mail to sign up for the seminar and feel free to just join one or a few of the topics!

Apply as one of the first 10 volunteers of Shamiri and get a 10% discount on your whole experience!

Mwanza and Tanzania