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Intercultural Learning Experience

Shamiri is in working partnership with the NGO Waridi La Matumaini (WLM). It is a sustainable volunteer organisation focusing on intercultural exchange and global learning.  Shamiri aims to form open-minded, well-experienced and educated people with a commitment to support the diversity of human lifestyles and beliefs and take on global responsibility. 

SHAMIRI is Kiswahili and it means to blossom and grow in a beautiful way. We chose this name as both, the Volunteers and the supported projects should 'shamiri' in the best way through our intercultural learning experience.

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Why work with Shamiri?

Sustainable projects

For your volunteering or internship, we cooperate with six projects in Mwanza in various fields of sustainable development.

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Global learning

To offer global learning, we provide you with a preparation, arrival monthly inter-seminars and and a follow-up seminar.

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Valuable accompaniment

We support you before your departure with any questions and issues and provide support throughout your stay through our mentor.

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What former volunteers have to say...

Hey everyone, I'm Anton and I was doing a year of volunteering in Mwanza, Tanzania. Together with Shamiri, my organisation, I was having a very good time in Tanzania. I was working in a primary school where I taught class one together with other Tanzanian teachers. Also I was giving Computer lessons and explained programs like Microsoft Word to people that can't afford to have computers or internet at home. Another task of mine was hosting the social media accounts of the school. I enjoyed the time at work and the time together with Shamiri and the other volunteers I was staying with to the fullest and would always do it again. Thank you for everything Shamiri🤍

Hi you, We are Chiara und Genevieve. For our studies we had the opportunity to complete our last internship abroad. So we spent de last 4 weeks in Mwanza Tanzania. In the Messa Englisch Primary School in Nyegezi we taught Science, Maths and Sports. We really enjoyed the work with the children. Through Anna and Shamiri we had a great organizer for our journey. We had a fantastic and unforgettable time here. We appreciate the collection of experiences we took and are thankful for new friendships we made during our stay. Thank you shamiri for taking care of us!

Hey, I'm Maya. Last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer in Mwanza with the help of Shamiri. As part of my work, I went to Buhongwa primary school, which is a public school with multiple classes for disabled children. The goal is to support these children and, if possible, integrate them in the regular school system.I had a very memorable year full of great experiences. My time in school was unforgettable, and I learned so much from the teachers and students. I will never forget the wonderful time I had outside of school together with the volunteers I stayed with and all the experiences we made together. Thank you, Shamiri, for all your support and for making this year possible for me!

My name is Chiara. I met Anna in 2016 during our volunteer work in Arusha, and since 2019, I’ve been a member of Rose of Hope Tanzania. Recently, I interned at our partner NGO, Waridi la Matumaini, in Mwanza for three weeks. I was warmly welcomed by Waridi la Matumaini. I participated in a three-day holiday program with 35 children and young adults, where we had breakfast, workshops, and lunch. The workshops included crafts, dancing, football, and board games. I also joined family visits to understand their living conditions, aided by translations from the staff. The families appreciated the support, especially the educational opportunities for their children. During school visits, we introduced ourselves to school staff to better support the students through cooperation. Finally, I saw the new WLM property, hoped to be fully operational by my next visit.