This is our team in Mwanza, supporting you to make the best out of your intercultural learning experience.

Founder and Mentor

My name is Anna-Theres and I am the mentor for all volunteers and interns. I founded Shamiri in 2021 and am now taking care of all issues concerning the volunteer organisation. In 2016/17 I spent eight months in Arusha, Tanzania, and worked as a volunteer in a day care center. Every year after I visited Tanzania at least once. During my studies of International Social Work in Germany, I had the chance to work in a Street Children Project in Mwanza. Since 2021 I live in Mwanza permanently. During my stays in Tanzania, I learnt a lot about the culture and the needs of the country. I founded the German NGO Rose of Hope Tanzania e. V. in 2018 and co-founded the NGO Waridi La Matumaini in Tanzania. Together we support social disadvantaged families in Mwanza and offer sustainable help. Through my many experiences in Tanzania and my studies, I saw the need for sustainable volunteer organisations. Therefore, I started setting Shamiri up in cooperation with WLM, and ROH. My dream is to give every volunteer or intern a unique and enriching experience.


Hi everyone! I'm Helen and I've lived in Mwanza, Tanzania for about seven years. Originally from the UK, I totally fell in love with Mwanza whilst volunteering for a local NGO and ended up pursuing a career and beautiful life here! I'll be helping to ensure your experience volunteering in Tanzania is meaningful, fun and safe. Looking forward to meeting you all in September. See you soon!


Mama Tuse is the heart of our volunteer house. She comes from Monday-Friday and prepares Breakfast and Dinner for you. Not only is she an excellent chef, she also helps you to keep the common area clean. The cleanness of your room and bathroom is your own responsibility.


Benja and Elly are responsible for the safety of you and the house.