This is our team in Mwanza, supporting you to make the best out of your intercultural learning experience.

your mentor

My name is Anna-Theres and I am the mentor for all volunteers and interns. I founded Shamiri in 2021 and am now taking care of all issues concerning the volunteer organisation. In 2016/17 I spent eight months in Arusha, Tanzania, and worked as a volunteer in a day care center. Every year after I visited Tanzania at least once. During my studies of International Social Work in Germany, I had the chance to work in a Street Children Project in Mwanza. Since 2021 I live in Mwanza permanently. During my stays in Tanzania, I learnt a lot about the culture and the needs of the country. I founded the German NGO Rose of Hope Tanzania e. V. in 2018 and co-founded the NGO Waridi La Matumaini in Tanzania. Together we support social disadvantaged families in Mwanza and offer sustainable help. Through my many experiences in Tanzania and my studies, I saw the need for sustainable volunteer organisations. Therefore, I started setting Shamiri up in cooperation with WLM, ROH and the language school ICILD. My dream is to give every volunteer or intern a unique and enriching experience.