Project coordinator and sports trainer @PCAYF

Pamoja Child and Youth Foundation (PCAYF) works with disadvantaged children and youth to regulate poverty and give access to education. They are teaching them life skills and empower them through offering sports programs, giving sewing classes, doing petty business and more. The project expects the volunteers to participate in following tasks

  • Planning and conducting sportive activities. So far, they offer football and cricket trainings, Volunteers are welcomed to train new kinds of sports.

  • Preparing the children and the organization for the upcoming cricket world cup.

  • Monitoring sewing and selling of shirts with the youth, as well as carpeting activities.

  • Marketing of the services the project offers.

  • Participating in cultural tours, which are walks in Mwanza to visit supported families, counseling them, teaching life lessons and culturally exchange with them.

  • Visiting schools of supported children.

  • Fundraising for project activities.