Community Development

Internship @TAHEA

Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) works with children, women and different communities in Mwanza. The NGO facilitates development processes among poor families and communities, supports them to utilise their potential to improve their living standards. It has different projects in areas of education, early childhood development, agriculture, health, nutrition, habitat and community managed micro-finance. The jobs of the interns (stays of up to 90 days only) include following tasks:

  • Field activities and data collection
  • Innovate the project,
  • Promote the project and the organisation,
  • Capacity building for the staff.

Assistant program coordinator @MF

Muungano Foundation (MF) works with vulnerable children and their families through supporting them with education and empowerment. The activities of the project include an educational sponsorship program, vocational training for women and reproductive health programs for girls. The project expects the volunteers to participate in the following tasks

  • Supervising the sewing classes for widows and the baking apprenticeship for marginalised women,
  • Preparing program reports,
  • Initiating fundraising programs,
  • Providing seminars to staff,
  • Advising the executive committee.

Photography and filmography for social impact @AHIRD

Awakening Horn for Inclusive Rural Development (AHIRD) is working with marginalised women, young girls and children through education, illustration of their challenges, funding financially and mobilising the community. The project expects the volunteers/interns to participate in following tasks

  • Create good quality videos of our projects
  • Create good quality videos exposing the socio-economic activities and real life of our local community;
  • Discuss the content of the video with our NGO and its partner project;
  • Write attractive social media content for the organisation's work;
  • Organise fundraising activities using videos and photos to showcase the needs of the community we serve;
  • Cooperating with other volunteers and staff to create fundraising for the project.

Therefore, the volunteers/interns are required to show interest and experience in filming and taking pictures, cooperate with the staff to get best results and bring own ideas for photos and videos. Additionally, the volunteer should be reliable, flexible and independent.