Part of the successful volunteering or internship is our pedagogic concept Shamiri follows. This concept focuses on global learning and the development of engagement. You as a volunteer/intern always have the chance to co-create your seminars.


Our information events are  free and we invite everyone to learn more about Shamiri and volunteering/internship in Tanzania! Sign up by sending us an e-mail. Next dates for information events are:

  • 8th of July 2023 (online for 2 hours)
  • December 2023 (online)


You will be able to attend a preparation seminar in Germany or online for two days organized with our partner Rose of Hope Tanzania e. V. (ROH). The next preparation seminars are on:

  • August 2023 (online)
  • December 2023 (online)

This seminar focuses on the preparation for your stay, information about what you should expect, a little bit of Kiswahili and organisational preparation (visa, work permit, health care, insurance).

In Tanzania

Our 2-day arrival seminar in Tanzania starts usually upon your arrival. We try to organise for volunteers to arrive on the same day, so you can settle in together. We will discuss your arrival date after your application.

During your stay we accompany you through weekly meetings with the mentor together with all Volunteers or one-on-one meetings. Also, you will be encouraged to take Kiswahili language classes.

Every week for one late afternoon we will hold an inter-seminar. Part of this seminar is the reflection and evaluation of your experience and your current personal situation as well as cultural insights and global learning. 

    Follow-up seminar

    Together with ROH we organize a follow-up seminar in Germany for two days (Friday-Saturday), which takes place twice a year. The next possible dates are:

    • December 2023 (online)

    The content of these follow-up seminar is mainly the reflection of your service.

    After a successful volunteering you will receive a certificate of Shamiri and your project.

    Financial aspects

    The costs for your sustainable Volunteer service are covered by yourself, therefore, we advise you to set up a support community or look for a job before/after your stay.

    In the following we will explain all our costs, as transparency is a key factor in our work.

    Costs for going with Shamiri

    In advance we ask you to pay one-time costs of 400€. This price includes:

    • accommodation, food, materials, salary costs, 5 hours of Kiswahili lessons, etc. for your preparation and follow-up Seminars in Germany,
    • costs for arrival seminar in Tanzania, and
    • administrative costs.

    Each month will cost you 305€. Monthly Costs must be paid before the 1st of each month. This price includes:

    • full accommodation,
    • food (Breakfast and Dinner, Monday-Friday) and drinking water,
    • salary costs for the staff of Shamiri,
    • costs for inter-seminars and
    • administrative costs.

    Additional costs

    Additionally, there will be costs for

    • short-term stay: student visa US$ 50 (multiple entry for 90 days), or
    • long-term stay: student visa US$ 250 (multiple entry for one year),
    • additional language classes once you are in Mwanza,
    • your vaccines (check with your health insurance what they will cover),
    • an insurance abroad (we advise Dr. Walter), which costs around 40€/month,
    • your flights from your hometown to Mwanza (usually between 700-1000€ for a round-trip),
    • additional food (at the weekends), drinks, etc.,
    • transport costs to go to town, your language class, your project etc.,
    • spare time money for travelling, going out etc.

    Accommodation in Mwanza

    Since January 2023 we are hosting volunteers in our volunteer lodge in Isamilo, Mwanza. It is located in the center of Mwanza, close to the city center and the projects we cooperate with.

    Pictures coming soon.