Seminars and mentoring

Since May 2022, Shamiri is cooperating with different organisations sending their volunteers to Tanzania or worldwide. For those organisations Shamiri offers to organise seminars about various topics. If you are interested in the different seminars and the prices, please feel free to contact us.

Become a weltwärts volunteer

Since November 2022 Shamiri mentors volunteers from the German program "weltwärts". In cooperation with the lB Kassel, we welcome volunteers from the weltwärts program in Mwanza, since September 2023. Hereby, German citizens aged between 18 and 27 can volunteer abroad for 12 months (from September-August). The program is funded and supported through IB Kassel. If you are interested in doing a weltwärts volunteering you can find their open places here. Please contact the IB Kassel directly for any further questions, applications etc.