Family & Social Work

Family Social Work @WLM

The NGO Waridi La Matumaini (WLM) assists children from marginalised households and members of their families. They aim for sustainable support to fight poverty through creating responsible adults. WLM supports children with basic needs, life skills, education, experiences and empowerment through inclusive approaches. They support through family assessment, counselling, school visits, fundraising, contributing donations and health insurances. The project expects the interns to participate in following tasks:

  • Supporting the social worker and counsellor in doing family visits, counseling, school visits and other jobs.
  • Organizing projects for the supported children.
  • Getting insights in the work of a Tanzanian NGO.
  • Cooperating with donors (Rose of Hope Tanzania e. V.) in Germany.
  • Fundraising for the project.
  • Technical advice for the project (social media, publicity work, brochures, etc.).

Social work assistant for sustainable development @AHIRD

Awakening Horn for Inclusive Rural Development (AHIRD) is working with marginalised women, young girls and children through education, illustration of their challenges, funding financially and mobilising the community. The project expects the interns to participate in following tasks

  • Relationship building to understand the needs of the clients and being able to advice them,
  • counselling and social work with families,
  • Planning activities;
  • Writing and filing reports;
  • Liaising with other social workers, officials and local government;
  • Strengthening local knowledge and community ties;
  • Spotting new and changing needs of the community;
  • Providing information and support to clients.
  • Cooperating with other Volunteers and staff to create fundraising for the project.

Therefore, the interns are required to show experience in working with people of all age groups.