What you should bring

Everyone can become a volunteer/intern at Shamiri! We welcome people of all ages from various backgrounds and countries. We will support you as much as we can, but a few basic things are required from you:

  • Spend at least one month in Tanzania (even though we advise you to do minimum 6 months to get the best outcome for you and the project)
  • Be at least 18 years old on the day of your departure to Tanzania
  • Basic English skills
  • Interest in a new culture and learning the local language
  • Acceptance and open-mindedness towards Tanzanians
  • Skills in teamwork and cooperating with everyone
  • Ability to adapt to a new culture (no worries, it will be easier than it sounds)
  • Responsibility to fulfil the tasks given to you by your project
  • Proactivity and creativity
  • Depending on the job you are interested in, there might be some additional requirements

Process of your volunteer service/internship

Inform yourself about Shamiri and the projects on this website. If you wish to work with Shamiri we advise you to download the manual and contact us if you have any questions. 

Once you have decided to absolve a sustainable learning experience with us, send us your application. We only require you to fill out our application form and send it with your criminal record and a motivational letter/video/etc. to our e-Mail address or upload it here.

In the next step we choose the right applicants for the intercultural and developmental service, according to your motivation and your shown openness to support their projects long-term. Then we contact the project to confirm your placement.

After the application and choosing process, you will sign your contract with Shamiri!